ASOR will award a grant of $2,500 in 2018 to support an ASOR-affiliated field project. The award will be made to the Principal Investigator (PI) of an ASOR-affliated project. As described below, the Seger Selection Committee will give preference to a PI who has located matching funds to supplement this grant. The application deadline is January 10, 2018. We hope to announce the successful application by February 1, 2018.

Joe D. Seger

Established in 2016 through generous gifts made by an anonymous donor and by friends and students of Joe D. Seger, The Joe D. Seger Excavation Grants are designed to support ASOR-affiliated excavation projects. Joe Seger has been a part of the ASOR family since the 1960’s, and he has served in numerous leadership positions. Notably, Seger served six years as ASOR President (1996-2003). He  is a recipient of ASOR’s highest award, the Richard Scheuer Medal. Today, he continues his service through membership on the ASOR Board and ASOR’s Executive Committee.

The Seger Endowment provides modest grants to worthy field projects that are ASOR-affiliated, particularly to newer and smaller projects, to help them get started, and to discrete components of larger projects that can be completed with an award. The Endowment also provides support for off-season research, analysis, and publications. Per the guidelines from the primary (and anonymous) donor to the endowment, the selection committee will give preference to an Principal Investigator (PI) who has received matching funds (normally $2,500 or more) from his or her institution or another funding source. The endowment funds are intended both to support a particular need for an excavation project and to help the PI and the project secure matching funds.


1. Applications should be submitted by directors of ASOR-affiliated projects.

2. While excavations may submit multiple applications, only one application from an excavation project or site will be funded in any given year. In addition, the Seger Selection Committee will give preference to excavation projects that have not received an ASOR Excavation Grant (Gold, Harris, or Seger) in the past three years.

3. Seger Grants are not designed to fund travel for student volunteers or junior staff members (see the Heritage, MacAllister, Meyers, Meyers/Wright, Platt, Sheeler, Strange/Midkiff, and Membership Supported Fellowships for student funding).

4. Funds will be made available from the ASOR office, and recipients may receive a Form 1099 for the funds received. Certain restrictions apply for ASOR to distribute funds to an institution. Only direct expenses are permitted, and no indirect or overhead may be charged.

5. Please note that the Seger committee has broadened the selection criteria (for 2018 only) to include excavation projects that are not currently affiliated but plan to seek ASOR affiliation. Non-affiliated excavations may apply if they meet either of the following two criteria:

  • The excavation project is in its first season of excavation and the director(s) plan to apply for ASOR affiliation in 2018.
  • The excavation project is in the planning stage and/or in the process of applying for a site or survey license. The director(s) agree to use the Seger Grant money for the planning phase and agree to apply for ASOR affiliation as soon as feasible.