Being an ASOR member means being part of an organization that has shaped the study of the Near East for over a century. Our mission is to initiate, encourage, and support research into, and public understanding of, the history and cultures of the Near East and wider Mediterranean, from the earliest times.

Our memberships help foster original research, exploration, and archaeological fieldwork; encourage scholarship about Near Eastern and Mediterranean traditions and societies; uphold the highest academic standards in interdisciplinary research and teaching; and support efforts to protect, preserve, and present to the public the historic and cultural heritage of the Near Eastern and Mediterranean world.

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Membership Renewal Policy

Membership renewals extend the expiration date of your most recent membership if within a five month window of that last expiration date. Any missed publications during this period will be sent to a provided address or, in the case of online access, an extended access period will be provided through JSTOR. Anything beyond a five month window of the last expiration date will be reviewed with the member or treated as a “new” membership. Questions about our policy can be sent to