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Journal of Cuneiform Studies

Founded in 1947 by the Baghdad School of the American Schools of Oriental Research, the Journal of Cuneiform Studies (JCS) presents technical and general articles on the history and languages of the ancient Mesopotamian and Anatolian literate cultures. Articles appear in English, French, and German. Published once a year; circa 144 pages per issue.

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Current Issue:

Journal of Cuneiform Studies, Volume 67 (2015):

The current issue of JCS features articles: The King's Standard from Ebla Palace G, A New Manuscript of the Lament for Eridu, An Adab Composition of Nergal/Meslamtaea At Lagaš and Ĝirsu for Šulgi, An Illicit Hittite-Latin Affair, Sustaining the Assyrian Army among Friends and Enemies in 714 BCE, and more.


Past Issue:

Journal of Cuneiform Studies, Volume 66 (2014):

The past issue of JCS features articles: The UR III Field Surveying Texts: Measurement Techniques and Officials in Charge in the City of Girsu, "Make Them Pay": Charting the Social Topography of an Old Assyrian Caravan Cycle, Mankind's Bitter Fate: The Wisdom Dialog Bm 79111+, Les pronoms clitiques sujets en hittite: conditionnement syntaxique ou conditionnement discursif?, and more.



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Piotr Michalowski, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Associate Editors:
Gary Beckman, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Geoffrey Emberling, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Eckart Frahm, Yale University
Piotr Steinkeller, Harvard University
Matthew W. Stolper, The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago
Niek Veldhuis, University of California, Berkeley

Managing Editor:
Billie Jean Collins, Emory University


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