ASOR’s Heritage Excavation Fellowship program is funded directly by contributions from our Heritage Members. These fellowships may be designated by the donor for a specific individual and are open to participants in any of ASOR’s CAP-affiliated projects (and to participants in other projects if specified by the donors). Fellowship support for 2018 will be $2,000 per fellowship.

Application Deadline: February 1, 2018

Application Form

Previous Recipients


Individual applicants must be members of ASOR or be enrolled as students at an ASOR-member school (see list of Institutional Members). Directors of excavations may apply on behalf of their projects.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for Heritage, MacAllister, Meyers, Meyers/Wright, Platt, Sheeler, Strange/Midkiff, and Member-Supported Fellowships using the uniform application form. Applications from individuals must include the contact information of the dig director.

Upon completion of the field season, a report of 250-350 words and three appropriate photos (500 dpi resolution or higher) on site must be submitted to the ASOR office by August 15, 2018. Reports and photos should be sent via email, with “Heritage report” in the subject line. More information will be available after the recipients have been notified.

Fellowship recipients will be required to sign a waiver indicating that ASOR is not responsible for any injuries they might sustain during their time at the excavation in which they participate. They will also be required to sign a release of rights to ASOR for the inclusion of their report and photographs in one of ASOR’s publications.

About the Heritage Membership

Heritage Members work with ASOR to establish a Heritage Partnership with one of ASOR’s affiliated excavation projects. ASOR will distribute funds to designated individuals or projects as advised by the Heritage Member. If the Heritage member does not designate the funds, a selection committee may make the allocations. Heritage Members may choose to participate actively (on field teams or with laboratory work), or passively providing grant support to enable student or staff participation, underwrite equipment purchases or publication costs, or offer other assistance according to their own wishes and arrangements with project leaders.

This contribution category consists of a tax deductible contribution to ASOR of $2500. $500 supports the ongoing work of ASOR and $2000 goes toward the direct support of the scholarship or fellowship.