ASOR’s Trustees Nominations Committee is seeking names of members who are willing to be considered for nomination to the ASOR Board of Trustees (Class of 2020). The committee seeks individuals who would consider service as either Individual Trustees or as Institutional Representative Trustees. We anticipate two openings for three-year terms (2018-2020) in each category. Any ASOR member may be considered for nomination as an Individual Trustee, while only institutional representatives of ASOR Member Schools may be considered for nomination as an Institutional Representative Trustee.

The ASOR Board of Trustees sets the direction for ASOR and provides oversight for our organization. We encourage you to consider serving on the board, or to share names of members who would be a good fit. Among other responsibilities, members of the Board agree to attend two meetings each year at their own expense, to participate thoughtfully in the governance process, and to contribute financially to ASOR. At this stage, nominations may by made simply by sending the nominee’s name and email address to Britta Abeln in the ASOR office. Questions about service on the ASOR Board or about the selection process may be directed to Ann-Marie Knoblauch, chair of the Nominations Committee. Self-nominations are encouraged. The ASOR office will contact all nominees to describe the responsibilities in greater detail, and to make sure that the nominee is willing to have his or her name discussed by the Trustees Nominations Committee.

After the Committee selects individuals for nomination, the election will take place by electronic ballot during October and early November. ASOR is once again conducting online voting to ensure that more of our members are able to participate in this important process. The ASOR office will work with any person who is not able to complete an electronic ballot to make sure that everyone is included.

Members of the Trustees Nominations Committee include Ann-Marie Knoblauch (chair) and Jane DeRose Evans. In order to receive full consideration by the committee, nominations must be submitted to by October 6, 2017.