Have you ever wished for access to all of the academic journals found in the archival collection of JSTOR, but didn’t have an academic affiliation that allowed access? Now ASOR can help!

Introducing JPASS

JPASS: Your personal access plan to a digital library of more than 1,500 academic journals on JSTOR. Access the most influential research and ideas published in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences over centuries anytime, anywhere.

Designed for those without institutional access to the JSTOR archival collections, JPASS is ideal for society members working outside of the academy. It is also valuable for faculty members at institutions with limited access to JSTOR, and for adjuncts with sporadic access to library resources.

ASOR has partnered with JSTOR to provide individual access to all of these journals (not just ASOR journals). Regardless of your institutional affiliation, JPASS serves as your personal library card to the rich selection of journals on JSTOR. The regular price for individuals is $199, but current ASOR members can receive a 50% discount if they sign up through ASOR. That’s right, you can get access to all of the archived journals for just $99.00! JPASS includes unlimited reading and 120 article downloads from the JSTOR archival collections. Moreover, if you are an ASOR member with an online subscription, you will continue to receive unlimited access to ASOR’s current journals plus all of the archived journals found in the JPASS collection. ASOR is pleased to offer this discount as a member benefit—all you need to do is email ASOR or call us at 617-358-4376. Upon confirmation of your current membership, we will send you the necessary code for ordering JPASS at 50% off.

How It Works

ASOR members who purchase a JPASS plan at a discounted member price will be granted unlimited reading access and limited downloading of articles in JPASS. Current journals, books, and primary sources are not included in the JPASS offer, unless you are an ASOR member with online access. Here’s a summary of what you’ll receive through JPASS:

  • Individual access to archival material on JSTOR regardless of your institutional affiliation
  • Unlimited access for reading articles; download up to 120 articles (PDFs) per year
  • 83% of the archival journals are available on JPASS
  • 1,500 high quality journals
  • 7 million academic articles and reviews
  • 920 leading publishers

An expansion of JSTOR’s ongoing efforts to reach individuals, including Register & Read, Alumni Access, and Early Journal Content, JPASS continues JSTOR’s mission of helping people discover, use, and build upon trusted scholarly content. Users who belong to a JSTOR-participating institution will not be affected by the launch of JPASS; our efforts here are aimed at people enthusiastic about research (whether personal or professional), but who do not belong to a university, organization, or public library with access to JSTOR.

If you have questions about JPASS and would like access at the discounted ASOR member rate, email us at or call us at 617-358-4376.