June 2017

Vol. V, No. 6

The VALUE project: Video Games and Archaeology at Leiden University

By Aris Politopoulos

What do video games have to do with archaeology? The worlds of Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario Bros., or Tetris seem a far cry from anything archaeologists usually work on. But both involve imagining and visualizing worlds populated by humans…[READ MORE]

The Land before the Kingdom of Israel: Asking New Questions of Old Data

By Brendon C. Benz

Biblical traditions famously hold that ancient Israel was set apart from among the nations, representing a unique social and political entity in the ancient world. First and foremost, Israel is regarded as a monotheistic community, called to worship the God who delivered its people from Egypt…[READ MORE]

Sumerian Art and Modern Art from Gudea to Miró

By Pedro Azara

Artists always turn to their predecessors for inspiration. The impact of Mesopotamia on Modern Art was as significant as it was unexpected. But it was a case of artists being inspired by “art” that had been created thousands of years earlier and for completely different purposes…[READ MORE]

Discovering Genesis

By Iain Provan

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” So the book of Genesis itself famously begins, by addressing three important questions: Did the universe begin? Are we living in a creation, or something else? Who created?…[READ MORE]

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  • Discovering Genesis
  • Sumerian Art and Modern Art from Gudea to Miro
  • The Land before the Kingdom of Israel: Asking New Questions of Old Data
  • The VALUE Project: Videogames and Archaeology at Leiden University