March 2017

Vol. V, No. 3

Do You Get to Keep What You Find?

By Eric Cline

There is one question that I am asked all the time, which has a short answer but is long on associated implications. The question is simply “Do you get to keep what you find?” The answer is very short: “No.” Whether you’re working in your own country or in a country other than your own, that nation’s antiquities department will have a set of rules…[READ MORE]

The Dead Sea Scrolls at Seventy

By Timothy Lim

This year marks the seventieth anniversary of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. What have we learned over the past three score and ten? First, it has become increasingly recognized that we do not have a “library of the Essenes” in the way that it was previously understood. Not every scroll found in the eleven caves is Essenic. There are scrolls that reflect the views of one or more Jewish sects or schools…[READ MORE]

Kamid el-Loz – A Short Story in 900 Words

By Marlies Heinz

Across 2000 years of history the residents of Kamid el-Loz, one of the major sites in Lebanon’s Beqa’a plain, lived through: (1) three phases of urbanization, de-urbanization, and re-urbanization; (2) two phases of collapse and the irreversible dissolution of urban life; (3) four episodes of imperialist rule…[READ MORE]

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  • ‘Joy Plants’ and the Earliest Toasts in the Ancient Near East
  • Kamid el-Loz – A Short Story in 900 Words
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls at Seventy
  • Do You Get to Keep What You Find?