The American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) is committed to providing a secure private environment for its website and social media users, customers, and friends to communicate and carry out transactions online. ASOR does not use illegal or misleading methods to mine public data. All data is obtained through normal business practices including, but not limited to, membership applications, online registrations, online purchases, event registrations, purchased lists, and trade shows. ASOR member data is occasionally shared with partner learned societies and other non­profits and is sometimes rented to external vendors for bulk solicitations only.

This page summarizes our current information gathering and dissemination practices.

Mailing Address Privacy

ASOR collects names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and other information (including demographic) to contact members, conduct business, and enhance services. ASOR occasionally rents mailing addresses to advertisers for one­-time use but does not release telephone numbers. ASOR maintains systems that guard against unauthorized or multiple uses of addresses.


When a person visits our website or the ASOR Blog, a temporary cookie (or file) is used to aid navigation on our website, but the cookie is not used to collect information. ASOR does not use tracking cookies or third party cookies.

Credit Card Information

When purchasing a product or service online, users are asked to provide a credit card number to complete their transaction. ASOR does not store credit card information after the transaction is complete, however, it does maintain a reference number provided by its credit card gateway, PayPal. ASOR follows Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards for all online and paper sales, and this practice is accepted by PCI.

E­mail Address Privacy

E­mail addresses are used to correspond with individuals regarding ASOR and Membership information, to communicate with those who write for ASOR, attend our meetings or events, and with those who subscribe to ASOR journals and e­newsletter(s), which may be distributed through e­mail. You may opt out of e­mails by changing your profile in our e­mail software system, Informz. On occasion, ASOR may also send e­mails on behalf of publishers and other advertisers of interest to ASOR members. All such e­mails are marked as originating from ASOR. To opt out of receiving these e­mails, click the opt­out link on the bottom of the e­mail or contact ASOR Membership and Subscriber Services. ASOR occasionally rents e­mail lists, and it maintains systems that guard against unauthorized or multiple uses of e­mails in these instances.

External Links

As a service to users, our website and the ASOR Blog include links to other sites of interest. ASOR is not responsible for the content of non­-ASOR sites and disclaims all liability for damages arising out of their use or for their privacy policies.

Accessing and Updating Your Information

All records in our database are accessible online by ASOR but not by outside parties. Individuals may access their personal information by logging into a personal account. Current ASOR members may also access an ASOR membership directory containing names and addresses of ASOR members who have not opted out of the membership directory. To modify your information or to opt out of any of ASOR’s communications, login to your account or e­mail our membership specialist. You can also call or e­mail ASOR using the contact information at the end of this document.

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