• Sharon Herbert, ASOR Vice President and Chair of the CCC
  • Susan Ackerman, ASOR President
  • Heather Dana Davis Parker, Chair of the Junior Scholars Committee
  • Geoff Emberling, Co-Chair of the Programs Committee
  • Helen Dixon, Co-Chair of the Programs Committee
  • Steven Falconer, Chair of the Committee on Archaeological Research and Policy
  • Charles Jones, Chair of the Publications Committee
  • Laura Mazow, Chair of the Honors and Awards Committee
  • Randall Younker, Chair of the Membership and Outreach Committee
  • Andy Vaughn, ASOR Executive Director (ex officio, non-voting)

Directors of the Overseas Research Centers

  • Matthew Adams (AIAR)
  • Lindy Crewe (CAARI)
  • Barbara Porter (ACOR)

Chairs Nominations Committee

  • Sharon Herbert, Chair
  • Charles Jones
  • Tom Levy