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March Fellowship Madness!

Join the Madness! Donate by March 31st!

As you know, ASOR’s mission is to supportDonate archaeology in the Near East, and now we have an exciting opportunity for you to support students of archaeology directly! Every year ASOR gives out several Platt and Heritage Fellowships to deserving students to defray the costs of excavating in the Near East. Last year we gave out a total of 38 fellowships to a pool of 85 applicants, but this year the number of applicants has more than doubled to 179! While we already have funding for 33 fellowships, we would love to seize this opportunity to send more students into the field.

Help us raise the money to fund 53 of our 179 applicants. We already have 33 fellowships, so we need to raise funds for 20 more, or$20,000 in the next 3 weeks. Our goal during the next month is an ambitious one, some might even say mad, which is why we are calling this campaign “March Fellowship Madness!”

fundraisersCan you give a tax-deductible donation of $25, $100, $1000 or whatever your budget allows, today? Donate now. Each person who donates will receive a report from the student their money helps send to a field project. You can check out the experiences of past recipients on our blog. Donate before March 31st!

Our goal is to raise $20,000. If 800 of our 1,450 members gave $25 today, our drive would be over and twenty more students could afford to travel to their excavations.

Here’s what some of last year’s fellowship recipients had to say about their experiences:

“Each and every day I learned more than I ever hoped, but most importantly this experience enhanced my desire to continue studying archaeology and I am forever grateful to ASOR for supporting me in my endeavors.” –Alexandrea Barogianis, 2011 Fellow

“Although a month of 3:30 AM wake-up times and countless hours spent digging under the hot sun in one of the dustiest places I have ever seen certainly had its challenges, the value of the knowledge and familiarity I gained with the Iron Age material culture and history of this region made it all well worth the effort. I am very grateful to ASOR and its funding donors for the assistance the Heritage Fellowship provided me this summer, without which I could not have participated in this productive and educational field season.” –Adam Bean, 2011 Fellow

Thank you for being a member of ASOR and supporting our mission. For professors and project leaders, donating is a great way to support the students you rely on each field season! We hope you can help us support students of archaeology today.

“Being in the field is the most rewarding experience, in my opinion, as an archaeologist. Not only are you excavating and experiencing something that has not been seen in many hundreds or thousands of years, but you are working and living in the same rooms and streets which these people used daily. Each day you are given the opportunity to discover something new about these people, something that no one else in modern times has ever seen or known.” –Peter Epler, 2011 Fellow


  • Number of March Fellowship Madness donors as of 3/29/12: 67
  • Total amount donated or pledged towards our goal of $20,000: $8,080