ASOR is pleased to offer a special undergraduate membership with online subscriptions to the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research, Journal of Cuneiform Studies, and Near Eastern Archaeology for only $24.99 per year. Undergraduate members will also receive other member benefits, such as a subscription to News@ASOR, where they will hear about the latest news, events, and discounts from ASOR. They will also receive the e-newsletter The Ancient Near East Today and become a Friend of ASOR!

Application Form

The undergraduate membership requires proof of undergraduate status. There are three ways to sign up:
1. Mail in your application form with payment information included (credit card information or check) along with proof of your undergraduate status.
2. Fax in your application form with credit card information and proof of undergraduate status included.
3. E-mail your completed form and scanned proof of undergraduate status and then call in with your credit card information. (DO NOT include your credit card information in an e-mail!)

Proof of undergraduate status may include a scanned copy of student ID (must state undergrad status and date of graduation), letter from your registrar, copy of transcript, letter from advisor, etc.

Contact information for applications and questions:
Phone: (857) 277-0417
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 15729
Boston, MA 02215