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Sean William Dever Excavation Fellowships

Update: Please see the William Dever Fellowship for Biblical Scholars. The Sean Dever Fellowships will not be awarded this year.

       Established in 2013 by an anonymous donor and friend of the Dever family, fellowship funds have been designated to support the participation of ASOR members as volunteers or staff on excavation projects. Sean William Dever (1969–2001) was the son of Prof. William Dever and Mrs. Norma Dever, and he was well-known and loved by many ASOR members (see his biography below). The Sean W. Dever Fellowship is funded by annual contributions, and it is hoped that the award will be announced on Sean’s birthday, March 9.

Application Deadline: February 17, 2015

Application Form

       The criteria are being revised and will be posted when more information is known.
       Grant recipients will be required to sign a waiver indicating that ASOR is not responsible for any injuries they might sustain during their time at the excavation they choose to participate in. They will also be required to sign a release of rights to ASOR for the inclusion of their report and photograph in one of ASOR's publications.

Brief Biography of Sean William Dever (1969–2001):
       Sean was born in Jerusalem on March 9, 1969. When Sean was six years old, he moved to Tucson, Arizona, with his parents, Prof. William F. Dever and Mrs. Norma Dever. Sean continued his education with distinction until he graduated from the University of Arizona. After college, Sean decided to become a computer graphic artist. He went to study at Mississippi State with Patty Seger. Before finishing his studies, he went to Hollywood, got a job and at the time of his death, he supervised over 50 people at Sony, working on computer graphics.
       Sean first developed Hodgkin’s disease at the age of 16 and received radiation. He was in remission until age 31 when the disease came back. Even though he was treated again, he died of complications of this cancer on April 13, 2001. In addition to being reared in a family where both parents were archaeologists, Sean participated in two excavations: Gezer and Be’er Resisim. He loved these experiences and would be very pleased to have the scholarships named in his memory.

Previous Recipients