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Committee on Archaeological Research and Policy (CAP)

Thomas E. Levy, Chair (until December 31, 2017)

Class of 2017
Levent Atici
Kathryn Gleason
Jack Green
April Nowell
Andrew Smith II

Class of 2018
Doug Clark
Kathryn Grossman
Timothy Harrison
Michael Harrower
Neil G. Smith

Class of 2019
Emily Hammer
Virginia Hermann
Catherine Kearns
Jennifer Pournelle
Jennifer Ramsey
Hamed Salem



  • Susan Ackerman (ASOR President)
  • Matthew Adams (AIAR Executive Director)
  • Jesse Casana (Damascus Committee Chair)
  • Steven Garfinkle (Baghdad Committee Chair)
  • David Graf (Saudia Arabia Committee Chair)
  • Peyton (Randy) Helm (ASOR Board Representative)
  • Andrew McCarthy (CAARI Executive Director)
  • Barbara Porter (ACOR Executive Director)
  • Matt Vincent (Website Consultant, non-voting)
  • Andy Vaughn (ASOR Executive Director, non-voting)

CAP Fellowship Committee

  • Kathryn Grossman, Chair
  • Doug Clark
  • Virginia Herrmann
  • Jennifer Ramsey¬†
  • Neil Smith


CAP-Affiliated Projects