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2013 Call for Papers and Program Guidelines

Members of the American Schools of Oriental Research are invited to present their research and new discoveries in one of four venues:

1. ASOR Sessions: Present a paper in one of the ASOR Sessions, sponsored by the Program Committee to provide venues for the presentation of new research in the broad temporal, regional, and disciplinary areas represented in the ASOR membership. 

2. Member-Organized Sessions: Propose a new Member-Organized Session or present a paper in an existing Member-Organized Session, organized by ASOR Members who wish to explore a specific topic or theme at the Annual Meeting for a term of one to three years. 

3. Workshop Sessions:  Propose an interactive Workshop Session organized around a tightly focused topic or theme or around an archaeological site; in these, oral presentations and/or demonstrations are kept to a minimum in favor of open discussion between workshop chairs, presenters, and members of the audience. 

4.  Projects on Parade (the Poster Session): “Get the word out” about your research in this informal venue, designed to provide student and junior members an opportunity for greater involvement in the ASOR Annual Meeting.



I. Rules for Participation (Please Read Carefully)

II. Abstract Submissions (Deadline: February 15, 2013)

III. New Member-Organized Session Proposals and New Workshop Session Proposals (Deadline: December 15, 2012)

IV. List of Approved Sessions

V. Projects on Parade (Poster Session) (Deadline: August 1, 2013)

VI. Deadlines for ASOR 2013 Annual Meeting

VII. Instructions for Session Chairs

VIII. Abstract Submission and Annual Meeting Forms

If you have questions that require immediate attention, please do not hesitate to contact Britta Abeln in the ASOR office or the Program Committee co-chairs: Andrew M. Smith II and Elise A. Friedland.


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