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ASOR's Mission Statement

ASOR's mission is to initiate, encourage and support research into, and public understanding of, the cultures and history of the Near East from the earliest times:

  • By fostering original research, archaeological excavations, and explorations.
  • By encouraging scholarship in the basic languages, cultural histories and traditions of the Near Eastern world.
  • By maintaining an active program of timely dissemination of research results and conclusions.
  • By maintaining the highest ethical standards of scholarship and public discourse.
  • By promoting and advocating the highest academic standards in teaching about the Near East and in interdisciplinary research.
  • And by offering educational opportunities in Near Eastern history and archaeology to undergraduates and graduates in North American colleges and universities, and through outreach activities to the general public.


A Vision for ASOR in the 21st Century

ASOR affirms its historic mission and the priorities that have guided it as an organization since its inception in 1900. Central to these priorities have been ASOR’s emerging identity as a knowledge-based organization, or ‘learned society’ (ASOR only became a member of the ACLS in 1998), and a constituency with a shared interest in and deep commitment to the study and public understanding of the cultures and history of the Near East. These core values unite ASOR, and they will serve to guide the organization as it looks to the future and develops new strategies and initiatives to better achieve its core mission as the leading organization committed to the dissemination of knowledge and understanding of the Near Eastern world.



Articles of Incorporation

Strategic Plan



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